Troubleshooting Problems With Your Water Heater's Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is vital in a water heater because the gases produced from the flame of the pilot can be harmful if the chamber is damaged. There must be a sufficient amount of air around the water heater to prevent carbon monoxide from being created from incomplete combustion, as well as proper ventilation. In this article, you will discover why a combustion chamber is important to a water heater and how you can detect problems with it.

Why is a Combustion Chamber Important to a Water Heater?

It is necessary for a water heater to produce gas in order for a flame to ignite in the pilot area. The combustion chamber is important because incomplete combustion can lead to the formation of carbon monoxide if the flame does not have enough air. The combustion chamber has a blower in it that can send the carbon monoxide to the exterior of your house instead of staying in the interior.

It is the oxygen in air that is needed for complete combustion to take place. Complete combustion happens when the flame produces carbon dioxide to create heat for warming up your home. To avoid accidentally inhaling carbon monoxide, you must stay on top of problems that arise with the combustion chamber.

How Can Problems Be Detected with a Combustion Chamber?

You can detect that there is a possible problem with the combustion chamber if you begin to experience carbon monoxide symptoms. When carbon monoxide is inhaled, you can begin to get constant headaches and may feel dizzy. The toxic gas can also lead to death if inhaled for too long before seeking medical attention.

A heating specialist must be called to make sure there are no cracks in the combustion chamber that is allowing carbon monoxide to seep out as it is being ventilated out of your home. The specialist can also inspect the chamber to determine if dirt has accumulated inside of it. Dirt can also prevent carbon monoxide from being properly ventilated.

You must take good care of your water heater if you want it to be safe and last for many years to come. Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home to make sure leaks from the combustion chamber are detected in a speedy amount of time. If you suspect a problem, hire a heating specialist to make repairs or a water heater replacement as soon as you notice they are needed.

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