3 Tips For A Great Outdoor Family Reunion

Family reunions can be absolutely amazing events-- there is just something about having the opportunity to spend time with extended family members and reminisce about old memories and meet new additions to the family. When it comes to family reunions, most people want to keep the expenses low so as many people as possible can attend. Renting a banquet hall or event venue for a family reunion can be expensive, but few people have homes large enough to host an event for dozens of people. An easy solution is to utilize the great outdoors for your next family reunion. Use the following tips to plan an amazing event that will result in lifelong memories:

Book the Space as Far in Advance as Possible

There are many gorgeous parks, beaches, and campgrounds across the country that would make an excellent spot to hold a family reunion. The fees involved in reserving space at a campground, or getting an event permit at a beach or park is typically affordable, but the most desirable spaces can get booked far in advance. Your best bet is to reserve an area as far in advance as possible; in addition to having a place to hold the reunion, booking far in advance will give ample time for all family members to make arrangements to attend.

Don't Forget About the Restrooms

Many beautiful areas for an enjoyable family reunion may have very limited restroom facilities. During a fun family event no one wants to worry about nature calling, so you may want to look into renting a bathroom trailer. If everyone chips in a small amount of money a restroom trailer can be quite affordable, and these trailers are miles away from portable toilets. A restroom trailer typically includes several private bathrooms with clean toilets and sinks with running water, allowing everyone participating in the family reunion access to acceptable facilities.

Make the Event a Pot Luck

Feeding dozens of people is a huge task, so if you are seeking a fun and affordable family reunion, a pot luck event may be your best bet. But even a pot luck needs some organizing and attention to detail. Once you know who will be attending, assign each family a certain part of the meal to be responsible for; ask some families to bring entrees, others to bring side dishes, and several to provide appetizers and desserts. A well planned pot luck can result in an event that doesn't cost anyone a lot of money, but results in everyone enjoying a delicious meal.

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