Tips To Prevent AC Short Cycling This Summer

During the blistering summer heat, you often depend on your air conditioning unit to kick in and cool your home. Unfortunately, the unit may sometimes go through a phenomenon called short cycling, where it undergoes its on-off cycles too frequently, thus robbing it of its ability you to achieve your set thermostat temperature.

Regular AC maintenance should prevent this problem, ensuring your utility bills don't soar and your home stays comfy and cool. Here is a look at two issues that could cause short cycling on your central air conditioning and how to fix them.

An oversized AC unit

If your AC unit is too powerful for your cooling requirements, it will blast your home with cool air and thus shut down prematurely. This will lead to energy wastage, as well as immense pressure on your condenser and blower motor, leading to premature breakdowns. The frequent on and off cycle will also affect the ability of the unit to dehumidify and filter your indoor air, leading to the buildup of air contaminants such as dust, as well as uncomfortable indoor humidity.

If the short cycling has been going on ever since the AC was installed, this could indicate that it is too big for your cooling space, and you may need to start running the blower fan at a lower speed so as to slow down the cooling cycle. You can solve the problem by increasing the space being cooled by opening closed internal doors or taking down unnecessary partitions. If these remedies fail to work, consult an air conditioning expert about installing a new, properly sized AC that will offer you the right conditioning capacity for your home.

Clogged filters and ducts

Sufficient air flow to your AC is vital to its proper functioning. If there is restricted air flow, the condenser will usually cool too fast, leading to a premature shutdown. The air handlers on your unit will also be forced to work harder to compensate for the low air inflow, resulting in a stressed blower motor that could overheat and consume more energy.

To prevent short cycling caused by restricted air flow, ensure that your air filters are cleaned or replaced regularly. You should also remove furniture, carpets or insulation that could be blocking air registers in your home.

Clean air filters and unobstructed registers will not only increase your air conditioning efficiency, but will also ensure a clean supply of air to your home and prevent other problems such as an iced up condenser coil.

If you need help finding or repairing any problems with your system, contact a local HVAC company like Neffsville Plumbing & Heating Services.


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