FOG: Keep It From Damaging Your Family-Owned Restaurant's Reputation

Fat, oil and grease, also known as FOG, disrupts the health and safety of your family-owned restaurant. Not only do these meat byproducts clog up your restaurant's floor drains, they also produce nasty smells and attract fruit flies, drain flies and rodents. If FOG clogs up your floor drains, take steps to remove it and keep it away. Here's what you do.

Wash and Dry Your Floors

Before you unclog your floor drains, clean the surfaces of your kitchen floors thoroughly with bleach, dishwashing soap and hot water. If you don't do this step before you unclog your drains, the greasy water on your floors will only flow down the drains' openings and clog them up again.

If you're ready, here's what you do:

  • Sweep any debris from the floor, including paper and food particles
  • Fill one large mop bucket with hot water
  • Pour 2 full caps of grease-fighting liquid dishwasher soap into the water, then mix or agitate the solution with the mop
  • Pour 1/2 cup of household bleach into the water
  • Mop the floor until you remove all signs of grease, then use a clean mop to dry it

Now, proceed to the next step below.

Unclog Your Floor Drains

You'll need to use a drainage snake to push the FOG down the drain. It's also a good idea that you wear eye goggles when you unclog the floor drains. The force of the snake pushing against the clogs can inadvertently pull debris and liquids out of the drains, which may splash in your eyes.

Also, be aware of insects as they fly out of the drains. You can pour a few capfuls of bleach and hot water down the drains to eliminate this problem.

When you use the snake, try to push it as far down into the drains as you can without damaging the sides of the pipes. Ask someone to shine a flashlight into the drains to help you see better during the unclogging step.

After you unclog every floor drain, use bleach and hot water to sanitize the areas around the floor drains. The bleach also removes dead insects and masks the scent of any grease that still sticks to the lining of your drainage pipes. Be sure to dry the area thoroughly with a circulating fan, as well as place safety signs in the kitchen to avoid slips and falls.

If the steps above don't get rid of the clogs in your floor drains, contact a plumbing company for services. One company that might be able to help you with this problem is Clean Plumbers BY Phillip Maurici Plumbing Inc.

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