Labeling Plumbing Traps In Your Vacation Home

If you have a vacation home with sensitive plumbing, it can be overwhelming if your guests seem to always end up with problems. Don't just get frustrated by renters making innocent mistakes when it comes to backing up your plumbing; help them keep your plumbing issues at a minimum. Here are four plumbing-related areas of your home you should label with user hints to help out your house guests.

1. Sensitive Plumbing and Toilet Back-Ups

If your vacation home is in a remote location, your guests might not be used to septic tanks instead of sewers. They may not understand that not all sanitary items go down the toilet and a reminder will be helpful. Leave a note near all toilets reminding guests to go easy on flushing everything down the toilet and to stick to toilet paper only. Have a lined trash bin with a lid next to the toilet and encourage its use.

2. Garbage Disposal Overuse

If your guests have never had a garbage disposal, they might think that everything during kitchen prep goes down the sink. Make a note next to the sink reminding people to limit items like grease, coffee grinds and eggshells from going down the sink. Have a sink catcher handy that they can use during cooking that can help keep food items from sneaking down the drain.

3. Dishwashers and Washing Machine Soap Issues

Dishwashers and washing machines often take a certain amount of a specific type of soap. Since appliances differ, your houseguest may have a different idea of what this amount should be. Don't make them guess; have this clearly marked so they don't over-suds your machine and cause overflowing. It can help to have the right type of detergent and dish soap available as well to help avoid confusion.

4. Hot Tub and Pool Filters

If your vacation rental has a hot tub or a pool, your guests are going to want these in working condition and ready to use. Make a note reminding guests to shower beforehand and to pull back hair before getting in the hot tub or pool. This will help with filtration, ease clogging and keep the pool or hot tub clean for your guests.

Your vacation renters don't mean to cause plumbing mistakes. If you can help educate them on simple ways to prevent plumbing issues, they will have a better vacation experience and you will have less emergency calls come your way. If there are plumbing quirks in your home, label them so your guests aren't in the dark about issues that might seem obvious to you. Keep the phone number of a local company like Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Service where guests can easily find it so they can get help in a plumbing emergency.

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