Your Teen Loves DIY Facial Masks? Give Them These Instructions To Avoid Clogged Drains

If your bathroom sink keeps becoming mysteriously clogged, and you have a beauty-minded teen in the home, then that may be a clue that can help you solve your plumbing dilemma. Teenagers on tight budgets often love to try out DIY facial mask recipes that only require items already in your home pantry, and while these recipes may benefit their skin, many pose a huge problem for your plumbing. If your teen fesses up to being fond of one or more of these common homemade skin-care masks, then have a talk with them about how to remove the mixtures from their face properly and dispose of any extra "product" in a way that won't cause further drain clogs. 

1. Oatmeal Masks

The oatmeal mask has been a favorite skin treatment of many teens and even adults for decades. If you are unfamiliar with this DIY skincare classic, it involves making a bowl of oatmeal and placing it directly on your face with or without added ingredients, like honey or oil. The instructions for removing the masks often tell teens to rinse the concoction off their face and into the sink. This is bad news for your plumbing, because once prepared oatmeal or, even worse, oatmeal mixed with sticky honey enters your drain, it can cause a clog very easily. 

If the mixture itself doesn't cause an immediate clog, then the remnants in your pipes can attract hair and other debris that stick like glue and lead to a clog over time. 

If your teen loves this cheap and easy skin-calming remedy, then tell him or her to always wipe the mixture off their face with a paper towel once they are done with the mask and dispose of the towels in the trash can. Tell them to to also dump any extra oatmeal that never made it on their face into the trash can and never rinse it down the sink drain or flush it down the toilet, where it can cause clogs as well. 

2. Clay Masks

Clay masks are also very popular skin-care treatments among teens. Your teen may make a mask by mixing dry clay powder with water or another liquid, such as vinegar or green tea. While these masks are touted to "unclog pores", they will do just the opposite for your drains. Teens may be more likely to rinse these masks down the drain, even if they know that an oatmeal mask would clog the pipes. The dry powder looks like it would be too fine to cause any plumbing problems, but clay is far from drain-safe since it is sticky when mixed with water and the mixture eventually dries to form a solid substance. Once rinsed off, the mixture can re-harden right inside your pipes and cause a plumbing disaster. 

You don't have to ban clay masks in your home entirely if they help your teen keep their pores clog-free, but instead, inform your teen of the mess the mixture can make inside your pipes, and instruct them to also wipe as much of this mask off with a damp paper towel or disposable rag as possible and put it right in the trash bin. They can wipe the final residue off their face with a makeup-removing wipe, and then finally wash their face in the sink once the mask mixture itself is fully removed. 

If you have been suffering from mysteriously clogged sink drains, then pay attention to your teen's skin-care habits. If you notice them using either of the above homemade facial masks, then inform them of the damage they can cause to your plumbing and give them instructions for removing the masks and discarding of any extra mask mixture properly. 

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