Four DIY Plumbing Repair Tips That You May Want To Know These Holidays

If you plan on staying home for the holidays, there are many repairs that you may want to do. This can include repairs to your plumbing, which you may want to know how to do if you have friends and family over for the holidays. You will want to know how to address common leaks, stopped drains and how to turn off water services. Here are some tips to help you with those last minute plumbing repairs when you least expect them:  

1. Know Where Shutoff Valves Are And How To Turn Off The Water Heater

If you do not know where the shutoff valves for your plumbing are, you will want to find them and know where they are. If you have a problem, shutting the water off can prevent more problems. You will also want to know how to turn the water heater off, which with a gas heater you will want to turn it to the pilot position, and shut the supply valve off.

2. Simple Repair For The Kitchen Sink And Traps Beneath It

While you are making holiday dinners, problems with the kitchen sink can be a disaster. You will want to know how to remove the trap beneath the sink and remove clogs. This may also require replacing seals on other parts of the trap. This can be good if you lose something in the sink or if it gets clogged with food. If you have a garbage disposal, make sure it is disconnected before doing any work on the sink.

3. Dealing With Clogged Drains And Slow Drainage With Home Plumbing

Drains can also become clogged during the holidays, which you will want to know how to use a plunger and plumbing snake. The plunger can be used to get many clogs out of drains. If there is something deep in a drain, a snake and be used to get the stoppage out that is deep in the pipe, where a common plunger is not enough to do the job.

4. Keep A Toolbox With All The Handy Plumbing And Mechanical Tools

Having all the right tools can also help when doing emergency repairs to plumbing. You will want to have a toolbox that includes plumbing tape, wrenches and screwdrivers. You may also want to include a flashlight and batteries to get in the dark places to complete repairs. This can also include tools for doing other repairs to the mechanical systems in your home.

These are some tips to help you with the repairs to the plumbing in your home during the holiday season. If there is something that is too big for you, contact an emergency plumbing system (such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing) to help with the repairs.

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