A Look At The Brilliance Of A Smart Module For A Hot Water Heater

When you think of the appliance that is tucked away in your home and provides you with hot water, if you are like most consumers, you will conjure up images of a large heated tank filled with water. Even though the basic design of a traditional hot water heater may not have changed a lot over the years, there are definitely new and innovative ways to start thinking about heating water for your home. One of the most modern ideas in water heating comes in the form of the smart module for a hot water heater. How can adding a smart module be such a smart idea? There are some pretty brilliant features that you should know about the smart module for a water heater as a homeowner.  

Smart hot water heaters connect to WiFi.

If you invest in a smart module for a water heater, you will have the opportunity to do something you probably never considered, which is to connect the appliance to your home WiFi network. It may sound strange to connect such an ordinary home appliance to WiFi, but not when you consider what comes along with this function. Because your water heater is now technically online, you can:

  • monitor water temperature even while you are away from home
  • keep tabs on how much hot water you are using without effort
  • adjust water temperatures without touching the water heater itself

With these features, you can make a lot of changes that will save you money such as turning the hot water temperature down while you are at work or away for vacation.  

Smart water heater modules actually learn your behaviors when it comes to water usage. 

When you have a hot water heater fitted with a smart module for WiFi connection, you can enable data and function analysis that will not only show you reports of what your hot water usage looks like, but make it possible for the system to learn usage habits over time. This means that the system can determine when you need hot water on an average day and automatically adjust to make sure that water is available at the necessary time, but beforehand, the water can be held at a lower temperature to save on energy costs. 

For example, you install a smart module on your water heater and enable analysis functionality. After a few weeks operating, the system recognizes that no hot water is used at all overnight, so it automatically drops the holding temperature down at night to prevent wasted energy. 

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