3 Simple Plumbing Renovations To Conserve Water And Save Energy

If you want to reduce your utility bills, there may be many different improvements that you are considering for the mechanical systems in your home. Some simple improvements like insulating water lines can help save energy, as well as protect your home from burst pipes. You may also want consider things like greywater irrigation, solar energy and rain collection to save water and energy. Here are some of the best plumbing improvements to help you save water and energy:

1. Protect Your Home And Save Energy With Pipe Insulation

Insulating the pipes in your home is important for many reasons. It can help protect your home from winter freezes and burst pipes, which can do a lot of damage to your home. The insulation of all the hot water lines in your home can also help to reduce heat loss and make your water heater more efficient. This is because the pipes do not lose heat, so you do not have to wait for hot water when you turn on a faucet. The insulation also helps with conserving water because of this.

2. Adding Water Collection And Recycling Systems To Conserve

Water collection can be another great addition to your home. If you have irrigation for your landscaping, you may want to consider reusing greywater from appliances for this. Doing this can also help reduce strain on your septic system if you have one. You can even reuse greywater to flush toilets, but you may want to add simple filtration to remove any odors. In addition, there is rain collection, which can give you clean water for many different uses. If you use your rain collection for potable water, you will want to invest in filtration and purification for these systems.

3. Using Alternative Energy Solutions To Provide You With Hot Water

In addition to insulation and water collection, there are also alternative energy solutions that you can add to your home's plumbing, This can be something like a solar water heater to provide your home with hot water. It can also be used to help reduce the energy consumption of the heating in your home. If you have geothermal HVAC, you may want to consider an additional ground loop for the water heater to reduce energy consumption.

These are some of the best improvements that you may want to consider for your plumbing to save water and energy. If you have a plumbing emergency like burst pipes, contact a plumbing emergency service like RooterGuy┬« Plumbing and talk with them about some additional improvements for your home.

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