Three Reasons Why You Need A Boiler For A Tiny Home

If you want to participate in the tiny house movement, you will need to make careful plans for your household equipment. Whereas most homes are easy to hook up to on the grid utilities, a tiny home may not be easy to hook up to the regular utilities. It may also be more desirable to elect which utilities you want to use on your own. Tiny homes can have utilities operated by propane, generators, and other mechanical means. If you want to have a comfortable tiny home that functions as your main residence, you need to make sure that it can be properly heated and has the hot water you need. Here are three reasons why you should use a boiler for your tiny home. 

More hot water available constantly 

By using a boiler, instead of other heating means such as propane, you can have hot water available on a consistent basis. Some tiny homes have more rudimentary living situations with systems that are manual. If you want a home that operates the same as larger, more traditional homes, a boiler is the way to go. This will provide you and your family with the necessary steam for hot water any time you need, without having to heat up water manually. 

You can heat floors, water, and more

Just because a home is tiny doesn't mean it has to be without luxury. If you want a tiny home that is filled with decadence, you can use a boiler to help heat flooring, baths and showers, and even the home itself. If you live in an area that has cold winters, you may need to have heating throughout the home in order to keep the temperatures better regulated. Radiant flooring heating and in house heating will make your tiny home perfect to live in throughout cold winters. 

Easy for plumbers to install and fix

When you are building a tiny home, you want to include systems that a knowledgeable plumber can help you fix. When you add in systems that are customary for tiny homes or outdoor dwellings, you may have to find a plumber that specializes in the system, or get the system completely changed out if it has deteriorated. If you need boiler repair, this is customary for a plumber. If your boiler needs a checkup or has an issue, you can call the neighborhood plumber to check it out and give you the solution, rather than having to search someone who specializes in tiny homes for the boiler repair.

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