3 Tips To Help You Get Stubborn Clogs Out Of A Drain Before Getting Professional Help

Having a clogged drain can be frustrating, and sometimes it can even affect other plumbing in your home. You may be considering contacting a drain cleaning service to solve the problem, but there are also some problems that you can solve yourself. Something as simple as a clog in a trap can easily be solved by removing or replacing the trap beneath a sink. There are also tools like plungers and snakes that you will want to have around your home for simple repairs. Here are some tips to help you with those stubborn clogs before you contact a drain cleaning service:

1. Check The Trap Of Clogged Kitchen Plumbing To Solve The Problem

The kitchen can be a place where there are different plumbing drains that can be affected by a simple clog. A lot of times, this may just mean that the trap is clogged. If you want to avoid unnecessary service charges, then you may want to consider removing whatever is in the trap yourself. Traps can be a pain to dismantle, which is why you may also want to consider investing in sink traps that have screw caps on the bottom to allow you to easily remove any clogs.

2. Using A Handy Plumbing Snake To Remove Toys And Other Things In Tub Drains

Plumbing snakes can be another useful tool that you want to consider to remove clogs from stubborn drains. Along with the plunger, a small hand operated snake can be a good solution to deal with problems like toys and other debris that has been washed down a tub drain. If you have stopped plumbing that a plunger is not enough to tackle, using the snake can allow you to remove a clog and free the drain; just be careful not to push debris deeper into the plumbing and call a drain cleaning service when the tools you have available do not do the trick.

3. Find The Cleanout Valve To Access A Stubborn Clog Or Relieve Strained Plumbing

Modern plumbing drain lines have cleanout valves somewhere in the system. This is a cap on the lines, which can allow for inspecting problems and getting to clogged areas. If you have no other recourse, unscrew the cap to get to the bottom of the drainage problem. If you have a clog that has gotten lodged deep in your plumbing system, this may be a place where you want to try using a snake to clear the debris and free your plumbing once again.

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