What Homeowners Should Know Concerning Backflow Prevention

While it is easy to think of clogs or leaks when you are picturing the issues that your home's plumbing can encounter, there are other potential issues as well. Backflow is an example of a serious plumbing problem that homeowners might not understand, and this can leave them at a disadvantage when they are attempting to address this issue.

Is Backflow Harmful?

It is important to appreciate the unique hazards that make backflow harmful. Essentially, this problem occurs when sewage or other wastewater seeps into the parts of the plumbing that provide drinkable water. As a result, this can lead to severe contamination of the home's water. Additionally, this can even lead to problems for other homes as well as the backflow may seep into the water supply.

How Will You Know If Backflow Is Occurring?

In the majority of cases, it will be extremely difficult for a homeowner to know if backflow is occurring without having professional testing done. Luckily, hiring professionals for backflow prevention testing can be a simple and convenient task. During this work, these contractors will take water samples to measure where there are contaminants in the water as well as their concentration. Typically, backflow testing should only take a few hours to complete, and the results should be available within minutes. The benefits of this testing making it understandable that many communities have regulations requiring this type of testing to be done on a schedule.

What If Backflow Is Detected?

If backflow is occurring, there will be steps that can be taken to eliminate the problem. For example, the use of an air gap will be the most effective step for eliminating backflow. When this approach is used, a gap of at least several inches will be created so that the wastewater will be unable to backflow into the system. In most cases, the installation of an air gap system will be fairly simple, but it will need to be done as quickly as possible if the contamination is to be kept minimal.

Backflow is a serious problem that can severely impact the quality of the water supply. As a result, substantial efforts must be taken to prevent this issue from occurring. Appreciating the unique hazards that backflow presents, the importance of regular testing as well as the viability of using an air gap to prevent this problem will help you with preventing this problem from occurring and rapidly addressing it if it is already happening.

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