4 Tips For Protecting Your Plumbing And Reducing The Need For Early Replacement And Repairs

Whether your home has brand-new plumbing or old pipes you're trying to squeeze a longer life out of, you want to take good care of your plumbing so it has a long life and needs few repairs. Here are a four tips for protecting your drains and supply pipes.

1. Treat For Hard Water If Needed

You can probably tell you have hard water if scale builds up on your coffee pot or shower door. You can always have your water tested to see if it's hard and how hard it is. If your water is hard, consider installing a water softener so the scale doesn't build up inside the pipes and lead to clogging and trouble with pipe connections freezing in place. A water softener could even protect your water heater from sediment buildup.

2. Don't Plant Trees Near Plumbing Lines

Tree roots are a main cause of plumbing woes. The roots invade pipes and cause clogs, and they can crack pipes open and cause leaks. Roots can travel a far distance in search of water, so it's best to plant trees as far from your plumbing lines as possible. Otherwise, you may need to have your sewer drain cleaned out with a snake or hydro jet occasionally to get rid of roots.

3. Use Caution With DIY Repairs

Be cautious when trying to unclog drains yourself. The chemicals in some drain cleaners are so strong they can harm your pipes. You should also be careful when using a snake on a clog that you don't bust a drain in the process. Another time to use caution with DIY plumbing repairs is when a valve or connection is stuck. Forcing it could cause the pipe to crack or break and compound your problems. While you might do things like change a faucet or clean out a trap, more complex repairs are often better for a professional, especially if you have old or corroded plumbing that can break easily.

4. Protect Your Drains From Clogging Materials

Keeping your drains clear helps the pipes have a longer life by reducing the need for snaking or jetting that could cause harm to weak pipes. Control what goes in your drains by putting screens over bathroom drains to keep out hair and over kitchen drains to keep out food. Use a toilet lid lock if you have small kids who might be tempted to flush toys down the drain. Also, avoid letting grease go down the drain because grease is one of the primary causes of clogs in the kitchen.

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