Does Your Business Need a Commercial or Residential Plumbing Service?

Do you need a commercial plumbing contractor or a residential specialist? Small business owners who don't have massive office spaces, factories, warehouses, or other large-scale buildings may not know who to call for a plumbing service. Before you choose a contractor, ask yourself these questions.

What Type of Plumbing System Does Your Workspace Have?

More specifically, what type of workspace do you have? If your business is in your home, you need a residential plumber. But if you own or lease a commercial space, you need a plumber who has expertise and experience in this specialized area. A large boiler, complex drainage system, or sizable indoor space with multiple fixtures requires the knowledge only a commercial plumber has.

What Types of Services Does Your Business Need?

Both commercial and residential plumbers are licensed professionals who provide a variety of services. These plumbing services typically include leak detection, clog clearing, pipe replacement, fixture replacement, boiler repairs or replacement, upgrades, inspections, and other general plumbing repair options.

Again, the size and complexity of the plumbing system can help you to decide which type of plumber is right for your company's job—especially if you have a multi-floor building. Even though you might not own or lease a high-rise office building, multi-floor commercial properties often have sophisticated systems that involve extensive knowledge of venting, water pressure issues, and drainage.

Does Your Business Require Backflow Testing?

Water has one expected and healthy flow in your property's plumbing system. A water pressure imbalance can cause the water in a building to flow in the wrong direction. This results in wastewater contamination. Most commercial spaces have backflow prevention devices to prevent this plumbing problem.

If your building doesn't have a backflow prevention device, the first step is to hire a commercial plumber to install one. After the initial device installation, you'll need a commercial contractor to inspect the backflow device yearly. This service ensures the device works correctly and will keep the water flowing as it should.

What Are the Local or Municipal Building Codes and Requirements?

Businesses and commercial spaces may have different codes or requirements for construction and plumbing-related repairs, upgrades, and replacements. A commercial plumber will have extensive knowledge of the local requirements for business-related buildings. They should know which permits you'll need before a replacement or major plumbing change and how to stay within local codes.

In most cases, you'll need to call a commercial contractor. To learn more, contact a commercial plumbing company near you. 

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