Commercial Plumbing Tips for New Restaurants

A business's plumbing will be under intense stress and demands that will have to be met if the enterprise is to serve its customers. This can be especially true when it comes to the plumbing needs of restaurants. There are a few plumbing needs that can be especially critical for you to meet.

Grease Traps

During the course of making food and cleaning dishes, your restaurant can have a high amount of grease flowing into the drains. Eventually, this grease can actually cause the plumbing to become clogged. In addition to posing a threat to your restaurant's plumbing, this grease could also potentially damage the local sewer system. Not surprisingly, this leads to restaurants being mandated to have grease traps installed. These traps will be able to intercept the grease as it enters the drains. If you are currently retrofitting a building to house your restaurant, you will need to ensure that grease traps are installed by a licensed commercial plumber.

High Capacity Water Heaters

A restaurant will have an extremely high demand for hot water. Without a reliable source of hot water, the restaurant could face difficulties with cleaning dishes and cups as well as preparing certain beverages and foods. To avoid situations where your restaurant runs out of hot water, you may want to upgrade to a commercial tankless system. These systems will be able to provide an extremely large amount of hot water, which should be able to meet the needs of restaurants of almost any size. In addition to being high capacity, these water heaters are also extremely energy efficient so that you can minimize your business's energy expenses for heating the water.

Restroom Fixture Upgrades

The restrooms for your restaurant are likely to be some of the most trafficked areas of the building. In addition to ensuring that this area is comfortable for your guests, you will also need to ensure that it is using appliances and fixtures that are as efficient as possible. When it comes to the plumbing fixtures, consider investing in low-flow toilets and faucets. In addition to being efficient, these plumbing fixtures can also be extremely durable, which may make them ideal for use in these areas. To get the most benefit from these fixtures, they will need to be installed by a commercial plumbing contractor. Otherwise, these fixtures may use more water than expected or be more prone to failure.

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