Faqs First-Time Homeowners Have About Plumbing Systems

Did you recently invest in your first home? Are pipes, drains, and fixtures mysteries to you? Take a look at the top plumbing questions first-time homeowners have about plumbing systems.

Is Drain Cleaning Necessary?

You've seen the ads for drain cleaning. But does your new home really need this service? The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as past maintenance, the age of the home, and the condition of the plumbing system.

Drain cleaning is a valuable service that can clear clogs and prevent backups. Over time, food, grease, paper waste, shampoo, soap, and other debris can coat the inside parts of your home's pipes. This can lead to slow-to-drain sinks or tubs. Professional maintenance removes the gunk and grime you can't get to with regular household cleaning products and tools.

A new construction won't need this service right away. While you may need to schedule a professional drain cleaning a year or more from now, it's likely the home's brand-new pipes are debris- and clog-free. If your home is older, contact a plumber for an inspection. The contractor will examine the drains and help you to decide if (and when) a cleaning service is necessary.

How Should You Care for Plumbing Fixtures and Other System Components?

Most residential fixtures won't require excessive care of maintenance. Keep the exterior of fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and tubs clean. To reduce the risks of clogs, use hair catchers or other drain covers. These easy-to-install devices can stop hair, soap, or other smaller-sized clog-culprits before they enter your new home's drains.

Again, drain cleaning is a service that can prevent backups and crush clogs. When you discuss a cleaning schedule with a plumber you can ask for recommendations on other types of routine professional care. Regular services may include camera inspections, water heater checkups, and pressure tests. The specific schedule your home needs depends on the age of the system and how often you use the fixtures.

Are There Seasonal System-Related Issues to Watch Out For?

Each season comes with it's own plumbing system issues. But winter is a prime time for pipe or drain issues. Winter temperatures can freeze unprotected pipes inside and outside your home. A frozen pipe can burst, flooding your home or causing major system damage. To reduce the risks of this potential seasonal problem, insulate exposed pipes, keep the heat on, remove exterior hoses, and add insulation to unheated areas of your home.

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